Our History

In June 1964, Archbishop Dearden announced the establishment of St. Gerald Parish, which would draw its members from Farmington and Livonia.  The pastor was to be Fr. James P. O’Hagan.  Early masses were celebrated at Flanders School.  Ground was broken on July 26, 1964, and the new Church of St. Gerald was dedicated on December 19, 1964.

During Fr. O’Hagan’s era, 1964-1976, several groups were established.  By 1967 St. Gerald had the Women’s Council, the Men’s Council (our first men’s club), and the G.T.O. (Gerald’s Teen Organization).  These groups gave a service and social outlet to a good cross section of the parish.  Recognizing a need to help those less fortunate, a St. Vincent de Paul conference was established in July, 1965.  A group of women organized in 1971 and became the Marthas.  This group took on the Christian service activities of the parish, assisting the sick and those in need of transportation, chores or child- care.  They also ran “Martha’s Kitchen”, serving funeral lunches and parish dinners.  St. Gerald Parish was proud when one of its members, Paul McLoughlin, Jr., was ordained to the priesthood in 1971.

A Christmas Eve Mass for children began in 1974, giving children and their families their chance to celebrate this special day.  In June, 1975, St. Gerald celebrated its first Communal Anointing of the Sick.  About 75 people were anointed and gathered for a reception following the Mass.

St. Gerald saw the need to raise funds for several projects, including a major church remodeling, roof and parking lot repairs.  An annual raffle was planned in 1977, as well as the “Family-A-Fair”, and both lasted through 1984.  They served their purposes well, both to raise funds and to get the families of the parish together.  The annual raffle was replaced by the Stewardship Drive in 1985.

The 1978 church remodeling included relocation of the sanctuary, rearranging the seating, and adding new stained glass.  The bell tower was added in 1979, and these changes were dedicated by Bishop Gumbleton on December 1, 1979.  In 1999, new stained glass windows were completed in the church building.

Many priests have served at St. Gerald as weekend associates.  They include Fr. Richard Fournier, Fr. Ricardo Bass, Fr. John Schweder, and Fr. John Menner, C.S.B. who currently has the longest tenure.

Christmas gift giving began in 1981, a beautiful outpouring of Christian generosity that continues to this day.  The Men’s Club began in 1983.  Its purpose was to plan and coordinate social family events of the parish.  Mostaccioli dinners, fish frys and the annual parish picnics were some of its specialties.  Many activities for senior citizens were developed during this time period, including Pinochle, the Thursday afternoon group, and the Fun Seekers.  Music has always been a vital part of worship at St. Gerald.  In 1965, the pipe organ was installed, which accompanies parishioners in song.

Fr. Gerald McEnhill celebrated his first Mass as pastor of St. Gerald in January, 1986, and it was under his direction that this growing, lively parish thrived.  It was in 1987 when early plans for a new church building were initiated, and in 1990 ground was broken for a new church building.  For months, parish members curiously peered behind a visqueen screen to see what was taking place in the construction area.

In May, 1991, the beautiful new church of St. Gerald, built by the parishioners, led by Fr. McEnhill, was dedicated by Archbishop Maida.

In 1993, the Archdiocese of Detroit called up St. Gerald to host the Covenant Renewal Service, a celebration of unity between the Catholic and Lutheran churches.  This was not a new concept to St. Gerald.  Its first ecumenical service in 1966 included the First Methodist Church, and since 1986, St. Gerald and St. John Lutheran have been sharing a special ecumenical relationship.

The year 1994 brought the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of St. Gerald Parish.  Through those thirty years, many parishioners have been involved in all aspects of parish life.  They have given generously of their time, talents, and treasures, with great benefit to the parish.

In 2001, the mortgage of the new church building was paid off!  The sacrifices and generosity of the parishioners made St. Gerald Parish debt-free.

In July, 2004, Fr. Ronald Browne was installed as Pastor of St. Gerald Parish.  Looking to Rome for authentic Catholic Teachings, he established many practices to help foster a rich faith.  Among them were the first Thursday holy hour, first Friday Exposition and the First Saturday Novus Ordo Mass for life, the Gabriel Project, and The Knights of Columbus – St. Gerald Council.

In July, 2009, Fr. Festus Ejimadu was installed as Pastor of St. Gerald Parish.  Fr. Festus has led the parish through changing times with great love and compassion.  The Changing Lives Together Campaign and the Together In Faith Process have challenged the parish to grow successfully while retaining the friendly spirit of our community.

The Merger of two local parishes
On December 28, 2014, the parishes of St. Gerald in Farmington and St. Alexander in Farmington Hills, celebrated their final Mass as those individual parishes. By decree from Archbishop Alan Vigneron, on January 1, 2015 the two parishes merged into one new parish, St. Gerald. Fr. Festus Ejimadu, the pastor of both parishes, was named pastor of the new parish. On Sunday, January 4, 2015, Bishop Arturo Cepeda presided over the first Mass of Unity of the merged parishes celebrated at the building site of St. Gerald Church on Farmington Road. The church was filled with worshippers of all ages and from every corner of the parish territory- participating with exuberant voices in praise and thanksgiving for the blessings that have been bestowed upon all with the expansion of both communities into one.

There is great hope in the future of St. Gerald Parish as an abiding presence in the Farmington and Livonia area.

In July of 2016, Fr. Krzysztof (Kris) Nowak assumed pastoral duties for St. Gerald Parish. He was ordained in 2005 in Poland and arrived in the United States in 2007. Father has served as an associate pastor in a few parishes in the Archdiocese. On June 6, 2016 Archbishop Allen Vigneron appointed him as Administrator. The term “Administrator” is given to new pastors of parishes, as it is their first pastorate in the Archdiocese of Detroit. We welcome him and pray for him as our spiritual leader.


St. Gerald Roman Catholic Church is a welcoming, inclusive parish striving to be a reflection of Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are dedicated to strengthening our faith through reverent and uplifting worship, serving those in need, and living the fullness of the Gospel with all God’s people.